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January 28, 2019:

Blackrock Exec “Freaking Out” — Arthur Lipper Responds

The following article from Chief Executive prompts a recognition of reality.

“Larry Fink, founder and chief executive of BlackRock, the world’s largest money manager, is freaking out, says Chief Executive Editor-at-Large Jeff Cunningham. Fink’s 2019 letter to CEOs admonishes them to start thinking beyond their bottom lines and lead with a conscience. If he were to channel Gordon Gekko, Cunningham says, he might have said it this way: “Greed was good in the past but in today’s world, purpose is better.”

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July 20, 2018:

New Textbook on Revenue Royalties Released by Arthur Lipper

Revenue Royalties, a major compendium of relevant writings regarding the use of royalties, by Arthur Lipper has just been published as a Kindle exclusive by Amazon.com.

Arthur Lipper is a well-known international investment banker, author, lecturer and inventor. Revenue Royalties is his 7th book. He has been involved in the investment community for his entire career, having chaired two institutional New York Stock Exchange member firms.

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March 8, 2018:

Revenue Royalties
 Introduced in China

Stimulating Investment in Large-Scale Chinese
Infrastructure Projects by International Capital Markets

Tianjin Skyline

Tianjin, sister city to Beijing and international port for northern China; Tianjin Financial Assets Exchange is located in the Binhai Free Trade Zone.

BEIJING, March 8, 2018: The innovative revenue royalties financial system was recently introduced to capital markets in China at events in Beijing and Tianjin. A press conference and seminar, led by well-known Wall St. financial advisor Arthur Lipper, were co-sponsored by Asia-Pacific Group and the Tianjin Financial Assets Exchange.

Revenue royalties are performance-based capital, which pays investors a simple percentage of gross revenues without incurring equity dilution or debt.

Examples of large infrastructure projects that may benefit from this new approach to financing include the next generation of bridges, tunnels, ports, hospitals, roads, bullet trains, pipelines, agriculture technology, housing, water conservation, satellites, power transmission, wireless data, renewable energy generation, recycling, cultural and sports facilities. These public-private partnerships (PPP) projects will serve 1.3 billion people in China, and the businesses and governments that serve them, each day.


About Pacific Royalties

Pacific Royalties is a financial education firm based in Honolulu, that does research on providing capital for growing companies and current income for investors. The company advises those who wish to create investment vehicles that feature revenue royalties as an alternative to debt and equity.

Asia-Pacific Group is an affiliate of Pacific Royalties, focused on the introduction of the revenue royalties financing model in China and across greater Asia.

optical-icons-webThe availability of capital for private companies is the lifeblood of the economy.

Private companies are the hotbed of innovation, employment creation, and economic diversity. Making it easier for emerging companies to secure financing on reasonable terms provides the oxygen that the economy needs to grow — and the enhanced returns sought by sophisticated investors.

But there are many obstacles to raising private capital, both for investors, and for the companies in which they invest. Many companies — and investors — face great challenges in finding the opportunities they need.

And sophisticated investors know that the equity of private companies carries significant risk — they often prefer more predictable, income-based assets.

Can some of these obstacles be removed?

Royalty Finance is one emerging answer to this question, pioneered by one of the most creative minds in modern business, Arthur Lipper. This website explores several developments being offered by Mr. Lipper and his partners.

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