A Book by Arthur Lipper;

Larry & Barry on Royalties

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Raising Capital:

An Evening with Arthur Lipper in Honolulu

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Arthur Lipper on Revenue Sharing

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Address to Global Funding Forum

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please address all inquiries by email to:

Pacific Royalties LLC
a Delaware Limited Liability Corporation

Arthur-Michael-CITIC-webFounders Michael North (left) and Arthur Lipper,
at a meeting in Beijing, April 2014

Members meeting, Los Angeles, August 2014; left to right: 
former Mayor Peter Carlisle; Michael North; Arthur Lipper; Roger Epstein


Members of the management and advisory team of Pacific Royalties
meet at the home of Albert Pleus in Honolulu
February, 2015

1000 Bishop St., 12th floor
Honolulu, HI 96813

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