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Revenue Royalties Tools Announced

Arthur Lipper and Pacific Royalties
release a comprehensive system
for modeling royalties investments


HONOLULU, HAWAII: JUNE 15, 2015: Arthur Lipper and Pacific Royalties announced today the availability of Revenue Royalties Tools — a comprehensive set of financial calculators used to model a royalties investment. This is a significant development in the emergence of royalties as an alternative asset class, which Mr. Lipper, a veteran of more than 50 years as a Wall Street innovator, has pioneered.


The Revenue Royalties Tools, consisting of five interrelated models, is available on a common dashboard launched today, http://royalties.website. This is a useful resource, both for business owners seeking capital that is not dilutive to their equity, and for investors seeking increasing income by sharing in the growing revenues of successful companies.


Scaled Royalties, a new tool released today, allows investors and companies to adjust royalty rates based on possible overperformance or underperformance of a royalty contract. It is available at http://rexscaledroyalties.com. Pacific Royalties is the first licensee of the new patent-pending approach. It will also be used by Intelliversity (http://www.intelliversity.info), a non-profit organization that assists growing companies in accessing capital through royalties. Intelliversity recently published an electronic book about royalties from the company perspective, entitled “The Road Less Traveled” by executive director Robert Steven Kramarz.


Sample Scaled Royalties screens: enter assumptions, view data, display chart; click above for details

Arthur Lipper of Del Mar, California, is Chairman of British Far East Holdings Ltd. and co-founder of Pacific Royalties. He said, “Use of the Scaled Royalties technique will significantly benefit both buyers and sellers of royalties, when revenues do not match projected levels. It is a win/win situation.”


Michael North is co-founder of Pacific Royalties (http://www.pacificroyalties.com) with Arthur Lipper, and has assisted in development of the Revenue Royalties Tools. He said, “The Scaled Royalties calculator is a powerful technique for creating confidence for the investor, and for the company, that the amount of royalties paid will be fair. This confidence assures that more productive royalties deals will get done.”


The Scaled Royalties calculator facilitates the negotiation of a royalty contract that potentially rewards or penalizes a royalty issuer for making revenue projections which exceed or disappoint, within an agreed adjustment period. The reward for exceeding projections is a reduction in the royalty rate going forward; this encourages those making the projections to be conservative, as they will be rewarded for exceeding them.


If revenues are lower than projected for an agreed period, the amount of cumulative royalties received versus those anticipated can be balanced by adjusting the term of the royalty or by other means suggested by the model.


A major upgrade to the existing basic royalties analysis model has also been completed, now available at http://rexroyalties.com. It is simpler, but equally powerful, allowing users to enter the amount of capital they require, the company’s projected revenues and other assumptions. The Internal Rate of Return, annual yield and other investment metrics are calculated.


All the tools are owned by British Far East Holdings Ltd., of which Arthur Lipper is Chairman. They are licensed to Pacific Royalties, and are currently available at no cost to the financial services profession and to companies seeking capital through the use of the innovative royalties approach. All results are confidential, and controlled by individual passwords.


Arthur Lipper is an innovator in the field of financial services. He pioneered breakthroughs in the fields of mutual fund analysis, stock index futures and mutual funds, through the Lipper Index, and the Lipper Fund Performance Awards.


Pacific Royalties is a financial services firm based in Honolulu, focused on providing capital for growing companies and current income for investors. The company creates investment vehicles that feature revenue royalties as an alternative to debt and equity.



contact: Michael North, Pacific Royalties

808-638-7100; mailto:michaelnorth@pacificroyalties.com

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