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Pacific Royalties Acquires Key Licenses


Pacific Royalties Acquires License to
Royalty Finance Patent, and to 
Online “Present Value Calculator” 
from Arthur Lipper

Participation Invited from Fund Managers,
Underwriters and Income-Oriented Investors

HONOLULU, Hawaii: December 1, 2014: Pacific Royalties, an innovator in the field of royalty finance (http://www.pacificroyalties.com) announces acquisition of a license to a patented method for managing royalty contracts developed by Arthur Lipper, from British Far East Holdings, Inc. The U.S. Patent, “Fair revenue participation contracts and exchange,” was issued in 2010.

Arthur Lipper is a well-known financial expert; he created innovations such as Lipper Mutual Fund Performance Analysis and stock index futures, and served as editor and publisher of Venture Magazine (http://j.mp/arthurlipper). Mr. Lipper’s most recent innovation — royalty finance — provides a growing stream of current income to investors, based on a percentage of a company’s gross revenues.

In a parallel agreement, Pacific Royalties also acquired the right to use the proprietary web-based service, “Present Value Calculator” from developer Arthur Lipper. The service is available for public review and comment for a limited time, at http://rex-pv.com/

This dynamic financial model calculates the projected Internal Rate of Return from a royalty transaction, given assumptions provided by the user.

Arthur Lipper, co-founder of Pacific Royalties, said, “I’m pleased that royalty finance is becoming the focus of interest by many across the financial community. I believe it will help many companies acquire the capital they need to grow, and help investors to optimize their long-term returns.”

Michael North, Mr. Lipper’s partner and co-founder, said, “The acquisition of these tools provides Pacific Royalties with unique intellectual capital, and will help us provide investor education about royalty investment, to understand the unique advantages — to both companies and investors — of a royalty-based approach.”

Pacific Royalties and Arthur Lipper invite expressions of interest in royalty finance from several groups of investment professionals:

1. Professional investment managers interested in using revenue sharing royalties for participation in companies believed to have the potential for significant revenue growth.

2. Trustees and others responsible for asset pools seeking increasing current income with lower risk than quoted equities, and greater income growth potential than debt, combined with managed risk.

3. Underwriters or others with the ability to assemble capital for investment in royalty funds. The funds may be specific as to revenue size or other characteristics, such as industry or geography; they may be leveraged or unleveraged, and pursue a range of investment return objectives, from conservative to aggressive.

Those interested in exploring more are invited to visit the Pacific Royalties website at http://www.pacificroyalties.com The site includes an extensive research library, public talks, presentations, and guides to using financial analytical tools provided by Arthur Lipper and Pacific Royalties. The company is affiliated with China Royalties, a parallel effort to develop royalty income finance in mainland China (http://www.chinaroyalties.com)

Contact from investment professionals may be initiated through the website at http://www.pacificroyalties.com/contact/

Pacific Royalties is a financial services company based in Honolulu, founded by Arthur Lipper and Michael North.  The company is establishing private investment funds that use newly-issued corporate royalties as their chief source of return on investment. This press release is for information only. It is not a solicitation to invest, and is provided for educational purposes. It is not provided pursuant to any specific financial offering.

Press Contact:

Michael North

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