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An Evening with Arthur Lipper in Honolulu

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Interview: Arthur Lipper and David Chang

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David Chang

On August 17, 2014, Arthur Lipper and David Chang met in Pasadena, California. They were  delegates to the “Building Peace Forum,” celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the Re-Establishment of Diplomatic and Trade Relations between the United States and China.

David Chang is a leading financial professional in Honolulu, and has met with Mr. Lipper previously in discussion about Pacific Royalties. He is the principal of Wealthbridge, a wealth-management firm based in Hawaii with national and international clients.

An interview, covering current financial topics and royalty finance, was recorded by David for his internet radio podcast, “The Art of Thinking Smart.”

From the introduction —

Topics include:

• What does it take to be a successful investor?
• How should one get started?
• What are key strategies to investing?
• How do you know if you have a good mutual fund or not?

And much more! He also talks about a new type of investment product that he patented, the Royalty Fund Model, and will be launching it soon.

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The Art of Thinking Smart